Living with a vegetarian

Welcome to this first post on Meat Free Everyday.

So - what DO vegetarians eat then? As Karen my vegetarian wife says, they eat everything that
anyone else eats, except the meat.
Chicken and fish count as meat!

This implies that they have the same dietary requirements as any other person, in order to keep healthy.

People have different reasons for becoming vegetarian - Karen does not want to eat anything that has been
killed for food, so if it had eyes or moved, its off her menu!
There are religious or cult reasons as well.

Living with her for over 10 years now, I have tended to eat less and less meat and feel decidedly better for it. And cooking for us, I am learning that it is possible to prepare tasty and appetising meals that provide the necessary dietary requirements.

One of the many challenges (as we are supposed to call them these days) is eating out.
Yes, many restaraunts are attempting to cater for the vegetarian, but generally the vegetarian options are
a salad or a pasta.
Would you be satisfied after eating only a salad? Probably not. And after pasta? maybe, but only for a short while.
And neither of these provides any protein whatsoever!
Which is probably the main challenge for a vegetarian - to get enough protein in their diet.

What vegetarian substitutes are available, and is that the answer?
Some people question the idea of these fake look alikes!

This blog, together with our website Meat Free Everyday which we are currently developing, hopes to provide insight into what it means to be vegetarian, and how to provide healthy safisfying meals for those who have chosen to be so.

The other day, we went to a christmas dinner party to which everyone contributed something towards the meal. Naturally, we provided a vegetarian option. We have also discovered that even the meat eaters are partial to non meat dishes.
So we made a vegetarian lasagne.
As a taster, here is a picture of a portion of this particular recipe.

Vegetarian Lasagne
There are a couple of interpretations on vegetarian lasagne - one is replacing the meat sauce with vegetables, and the other is to use one of the substitute minces.
For this one we used a substitute mince, which makes the dish look like the real thing.

Recipe in the next post.....
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