Eating out with a vegetarian.

Vegetarians eat out as well!
There are two things that I find most annoying when eating out with Karen:

The Vegetarian Rip Offs.
One - Pay more for Less!
The first is best described by relating a specific incident that Karen experienced a while ago.
She was having breakfast out with a girl friend of hers, at a spot chosen by the friend.
As is often the case, there was no vegetarian breakfast as such, on the menu. Karen asked if they could take the standard breakfast and replace or leave off the meat bits.
They took the easy option and left off the bacon and sausage.
Then came the bill.
They had the audacity to charge her more than the normal meat meal!
When she queried this with the owner/manager, she was told this was because it was now a 'special' meal.
Guess where we wont ever go back again?

Pictured below are possible breakfast options:

Traditional English breakfast
Vegetarian Breakfast
(´╗┐´╗┐Pictures courtesy of

Two - Splitting the bill.

We also occassionally eat out in a group.
The vegetarian options, being either a salad or a pasta, are as a rule less expensive than the meat or fish choices.
Amazing how people who eat lobster or prawns seem to like the most expensive wines!
And then they are the first to be quite eager to 'split the bill'!
End result - The vegetarians end up paying hugely over the odds for their meal.
For more low carb and meat free recipes go to the recipes home page on - this link.
Bon appetit!

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