Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast

Berry, banana and nut smoothie

In my last post I complained about the breakfast rip off for vegeatarians eating out.

So here is a tasty, healthy option, for at home anyway:

Berry, banana and nut smoothie.

You can use any available berries or nuts, but here I used blueberries and almonds. These dark berries give that lovely rich purple colour.

Pop your berries, together with a chopped banana, a handful of nuts, a tablespoon of soy milk powder, whey or protein powder, a drop of stevia and about a glass and a half of water into the blender, and whizz till smooth.
Makes 2 glasses as in the picture.

The good things:

Well on the way to your '5 a day'
Berrries are one of the so-called superfoods, and high in anti-oxidants.
Using soy milk keeps down the dairy, and in fact makes this okay for vegans as well
Protein from the soy and whey powder, as well as from the nuts.
Stevia is a natural sweetener - so no refined sugar!
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