Vegetarian Barbeque

Peppers and onions - veggie roasting basket

I cannot lie -
 I DO miss the odd barbeque, or 'braaivleis' as it is known in South Africa.
But there are ways to make a 'barbie' something that vegetarians can enjoy too.

We used to just wrap potatoes or onions in tin foil, pop them on the coals and only remember to take them off when they were burnt.

But a while ago I found this handy veggie roasting basket - specifically for using over the open coals.

Barbequed veggies

Coarsely chop whatever veggies you want to cook, and toss them first in a little olive oil, together with some ground sea salt, black
pepper and a couple of cloves of garlic.
Cook them over the fire in the basket, turning occassionally - best to wait until the fire is not so hot.
This time I used onions with red and green peppers. When these were nearly cooked, I transfered them to a cast iron pot on the fire to
finish off and keep warm. I made a second batch of veg using carrots and pumpkin.
These I steamed for a few minutes first, otherwise they would probably have been too charred on the outside and undercooked in the
I did do the potoatoes in tin foil as well. Again I par cooked these for about 15 mins before wrapping them up.

Vegetarian barbeque

Of course none of the above provides any protein.
Vegetarian 'braai sausages' can be bought, but they certainly dont need to be cooked on the fire - a couple of minutes in the microwave will suffice.

The standard South African barbeque is usually accompanied by the obligatory potato salad, coleslaw and carrot salad - all a bit 'same old'.
How about a fresh herb and greens salad with nuts, seeds, feta cheese and parmesan shavings. Much more interesting, and with some
protein content.
And cream cheese on the potatoes.
Making a succesful barbeque is a bit of an art - its all in the timing.
The fire is usually just right the moment you have finished cooking!
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