Friends for supper

Ricotta rissoles and salads

Entertaining again last night - and a number of tricky people to feed.
1 wheat intolerant and fussy eater, 1 on diet, 1 vegetarian and a couple of runners who always want to eat healthily.
A chance for me to experiment a bit, and for Karen to use one of her latest gadgets - a spiraliser!

I took the idea from Jamie Oliver's ricotta stuffed mushrooms which I showed in getting a bit cheesy a while ago.

Used the same ingrediants as for the stuffing, added eggs and oat flour to bind the mixture. and made ricotta rissoles which were baked in the oven.

Berry and yoghurt dessert

Karen spiralised carrot and cucumber and came up with a delightful looking and tasting salad.

And a variation on coleslaw - cabbage, red and yellow peppers, mayonaise livened up with a spoon or two of wasabi paste.
For dessert, she cooked up some frozen berries till they were a nice thick sauce, and layered this with yoghurt in individual glass tumblers.

Went down a treat - and most came back for seconds!

The point of all this is to show that it isnt hard to knock up a fairly easy, tasty and nutricious meal without resorting to meat, rice, bread and sugar.

And one of the keys to it is stocking the right stuff in your fridge and larder in the first place.

Next time I will give a selection of the things that the serious vegetarian keeps regularly in their kitchen.
For more low carb and meat free recipes go to the recipes home page - here.

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