Going French and Lebanese

Endive, roquefort and walnut salad

Although healthy eating is one of my passions, at the moment it doesnt earn me any money.
For that, I am still involved in the marine industry, which is why I am at the moment in Point Noire in the Congo.
I arrived after a long day travelling feeling somewhat peckish. Took a shower and went
along to the terrace reataurant, not knowing what to expect.
I was pleasantly surprised to find several 'International' menus, with a host of vegetarian options.
For my light lunch, I chose form the French selection - an Endive, Roquefort and Walnut
salad. Absolutely delicious and reasonably satisfying.

Fatouche and Taboule

In the evening I tried the fatouche and the taboule, both very traditional Lebanese
dishes. Admittedly not too much protein here, but I could have had the haloumi cheese, the tahini or the chick peas as well.
Vegetarians on the move often find eating out in foreign countries a challenge.
Karen and I have found that in most cities there are a couple of lebanese restaurants or small bistro type establishments where you can find good satisfying veggie food at pretty reasonable prices.
If you are self catering, then try and make something French.
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Bon apetit

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