Salad days are here again!

Warm winter salad
Eating healthily out here in the North Sea is not particularly inspiring!
Give them their due, they do try - but the selection is limited.

Munching my way through the 'same old' lettuce, tomato, onion and peppers, I could not help remembering the wonderfully tasty and 'different' salads that Karen has come up with.

She is a whizz at knocking up the most interesting meals.
Her last creation was the 'warm winter salad'.

The ingredients:

Mixed greens and herbs of your choice
Cherry tomatoes, halved
Dried apricots, cut into thin slivers
Pan fried brown mushrooms, cut into strips
Caremalised walnuts
French dressing

What to do:

1 - The French Dressing:
Pour equal parts oil and vinegar into a screw top jar
Add vinegar, mustard and cracked black pepper to taste
Shake well

2 - The Caremalised walnuts:
Break the walnuts into smallish pieces
Put some mascovado or brown suger in an oven proof dish
Heat in a miscrowave for 1 to 2 minutes until well melted
Remove from microwave (with oven gloves) and immediately stir in the walnut pieces
Allow to cool and scoop off the plate

3 - Assemble:
Toss the greens, tomatoes and apricots in the dressing
Pile the mushrooms on top
Sprinkle with the caremalised walnuts

We served up with some haloumi slices which I had heated and browned in a pan while Karen was doing her bit. We also sprinkled some parmesan shavings as well!

And a lovely meal it was too!
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Bon apetit.

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