Soy burgers

Homemade Soy Burgers
We visited a friend a while ago for a braai (barbeque), and he produced the most wondeful vegetarian burgers!
"Where did you buy these?" we asked.
" I made them" said Paul.
We were most impressed as they were very tasty, and I have to say, a lot better than the usual store-bought vegetarian burgers.
They were soy burgers. And soy is one of the best sources of protein.
For the full recipe, and the way to make them, along with a whole lot of variations, go to our Meat Free Everyday Website
To read up a bit more about healthy foods in general and Soy beans in particular, have a look at Soy Beans
We then spoke about actually cooking soy beans. They normally are a bit of a mission to cook, needing to be soaked for at least 24 hours and then cooked for several hours more.
Paul now uses a pressure cooker, and they can be ready in a much shorter time.
I always been a bit wary of pressure cookers, having heard some horror stories about them. But I think that technology has improved, and provided one follows the instructions correctly, they will be safe. So we have bought the same one that Paul has - an AEG. Not the type you heat on the stove, but an electric one. And Karen has already cooked up a couple of batches of beans with no trouble.

Another problem with burgers or patties, is either they fall apart, or the mixture sticks to everything in sight!
Problem solved with an inexpensive plastic burger maker. We got one from Banks Catering Supplies in Cape Town, or there is a whole selection of them available from at prices ranging from a few dollars up to quite expensive ones.
Here is the cheapest one:

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Thanks to Paul for all these solutions! Follow Paul

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