Vegetarian on the move again! - Sweden

Al fresco healthy breakfast in Finland
Finally arrived in Holland for our boating holiday. But we had a whirlwind week in Stockholm before that, and now feeling rather fat and unhealthy!
And Karen had a few days there before me, so she is really feeling it.
Dont get me wrong - we had a wonderful time there, but it was not so easy for a vegetarian to find healthy meals, let alone reasonably priced ones!
The first weekend we spent at a friend's summerhouse on the island of Aland, and we were able to self cater. Thank goodness for breakfasts - muesli, fruit and yoghurt, cracker biscuits and cheese. It was wonderfully relaxing to sit outside and enjoy a leisurely al fresco breakfast.
After that, we managed to find the occassional baked potato with salad.
Back in Stocholm, the vegetarian choices were limited or expensive.
The expensive option - the first evening there we went to a sushi restaurant - we managed to find a Korean vegetable pancake and spicy dip, which we shared, as a starter. Very good, but a bit greasy. For maincourse, we each had the tofu stirfry - actually very tasty - lightly fried coated tofu chunks, with broccolli, in a spicy sauce - and a substantial portion. (unfortunately I did not manage to get a picture of this). We had 1 beer each, and the bill was about R 750 or about GBP 75. Very expensive by our standards.

Veg pancake - basic but affordable
After that, we hunted down cheaper options.

On a trip out to IKEA, we had lunch at their restaurant, and we each had the vegetarian pancake and salad.

Basic but adequate at about R30 or 3 GBP. After that experience, it was back to the baked potato and salad, including coffee or tea, for about R85.
So - it was wonderful to experience Sweden and Stockholm, but as usual, not easy for the vegetarian.

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