On the move again

Vegetarian 'fry-up'
Karen (my vegetarian wife) and I are back in Scotland again.

This time we have taken a flat of our own rather than sharing or staying in hotels.
So we can cook again!

We are amazed at the selection of vegetarian products available in the supermarkets here.

From vegetarian haggis to smoky bacon strips, vegetarian roasts, through to various ready made ranges like Linda Mccartney's.

Smoky bacon from Qorn
So today we had bit of a vegetarian 'fry-up' breakfast:

Smoky bacon with onions,
spicy scrambled eggs with tomato, and good old baked beans. Delicious!

The taste of the bacon is surprisingly real.

Vegetarian haggis
I have never taste real haggis (and dont fancy the thought at all).

The veggie version is actually great.

In the next post I will show a couple of ways in which we have served it up

For more low carb and meat free recipes go to the recipes home page on - this link

 Bon apetit.

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