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Mutter Paneer or Peas with Cottage Cheese
Mutter Paneer, or peas with cottage cheese, is a wondefully tasty dish and the paneer gives the protein that a vegetarian needs.

You can see a version of the recipe at Recipe for Mutter Paneer

We love coriander, so when I serve this dish I sprinkle fresh coriander over it, as in the picture.

How did I hit upon this recipe?
One of the things about travelling and being away from our home and kitchen is we dont have all our favourite recipe books with us.

We popped into the library here in Aberdeen and I chanced on a couple of Indian recipe books.

I've generally found that eastern recipes have ingredients lists as long as your arm, and are time consuming to prepare.

So 'healthy Indian in minutes' by Monisha Bharadwaj really grabbed my attention. Mutter Paneer was the first dish I tried from this book, and I've made a few more since.

They were all very tasty, as well as being quick and easy with not too many ingredients. In fact I loved the book so much I immediatley bought it through Amazon.com
You too can get it here:

I see Monisha Bharadwaj has a load of recipie books. I shall certainly test drive one or two more.

For more low carb and meat free recipes go to the recipes home page on - this link

Bon Apetit - or whatever the equivalent is in Indian!

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