Off the shelf

Sainsbury's £10 pound Valentine's Day meal for 2
We are generally not keen on ready made meals, preferring to cook ourselves.
But for last Valentines day, we went mad and tried the Sainsbury's Special £10 meal deal.
For our £10 we got:
Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni with cherry tomatoes
Potato Dauphinoise with Gruyere and Garlic
Pot au Chocolat
Bottle of wine ( 2011 Australian Merlot)

All served up, with extra steamed veggies
Considering the shelf price on the wine was about £10 anyway, and the dessert came in two little ramekins which we can use again - not a bad deal.
Of course we added some steamed veggies when we served up. Surprisingly tasty, although a bit heavy in the carbs, I know.

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Bon apetit.

Next post I wont cheat - I'll be back in the kitchen, and going a bit Indian!

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