Peanut Butter on Low Carb Toast with Fresh Apple Slices

Peanut Butter on Low Carb Toast with Fresh Apple Slices 

Patrick is missing his blog terribly. But we both agree that it is better to have me writing than for the blog to be neglected. Besides, we eat the same food, it's just my style of writing and views that are different.

I love love love this low carb bread. So glad I bought Colette Heimowitz Atkins Recipe book where I found her Lemon Poppyseed Bread. See my version - hereIf you visit the - recipe page - you will see how many different versions of her recipe I have made. 

A bowl of cereal is just not enough for me. By 10.00 am I am starving. This particular low carb bread is so unbelievably filling. I make batches of it, slice it up and keep it in the freezer. The night before, I take out a few slices and have it for breakfast.

Patrick and I try to keep our protein levels up, carb levels down, avoid sugar and meat completely and eat lots of fresh fruit and salad. Toast, peanut butter and jam or honey is the usual combination. But we have sliced fresh fruit instead of jam. Even dried fruit like figs would be yummy on this low carb toast.

The other slices of toast in the picture have reduced fat cream cheese with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a sprinkle of Stevia powder. A low carb version of cinnamon sugar.

If we were eating a savoury version of this bread, we would have it with sliced boiled egg, cheese, Quorn meat substitute slices or my favourite - Marmite with reduced fat cream cheese.

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