Curried Coleslaw and Vegetarian Lincoln Sausages

Curried Coleslaw and Vegetarian Lincoln Sausages
Coleslaw is a great low carb salad. But - the mayonnaise dressing can be high in fat. Most commercial low fat mayonnaise is diluted down - often with water and starchy thickeners to keep the consistency.

Ingredients for creamy curry dressing
I prefer to dilute mayonnaise myself. I usually put a dollop of mayonnaise into a small bowl and add soy milk slowly watching that it doesn't get too runny.

I often add fresh herbs mustard or curry powder as in this recipe. The curried dressing is reminiscent of one used in  - Coronation chicken.

Adding soy milk to the mayonnaise helps decrease the fat content but keeps the dressing nice and creamy.

This particular coleslaw is a slight departure from traditional carrot and cabbage. I grated courgette and cabbage and added some finely sliced lettuce and diced green peppers.

We had our curried coleslaw with vegetarian sausages, in this instance - Cauldron brand - Lincolnshire sausages.
Reduced fat mayonnaise dressing

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