Low Carb Oatcakes

We both love oatcakes. Oats is sooo good for you for a number of reasons. Read more here. We've already made Cinnamon Oatcakes - here - and Cheesy Oatcakes - here. While we are in Scotland we tend to try the different brands available in the supermarkets. Back home in South Africa, we get the Nairns brand oatcakes but they are a lot more expensive than they are in Scotland.

Oatcakes are easy to make but this time, I wanted to take a traditional recipe and bring the carb count down, amp up the protein and cut the fat. The original recipe asks for 4 Cups of oats and 1 Cup of flour. I used 4 Cups of oat bran, 1/2 Cup of gluten flour and 1/2 Cup soy flour. I never add salt to my food so I skipped the salt. I used half the butter but added more water.
Low Carb Oatcakes

The result was interesting. Butter gives a crumbly texture - much like crunchy and crumbly shortbread or biscuits. These oatcakes were more chewy than previous batches. Which I actually preferred.

The original recipe says thicker oatcakes are softer - and thinner ones are crispier. I tried to make them thicker for a change but I think it is possible to make them too thick. I wish I had rolled them thinner. I would have preferred them a bit crunchier and they needed to be rolled much thinner to get that texture. The flavour was unaffected.

Below is the recipe for my low carb, low fat version. At the bottom of this post is a link to the original recipe.

Ingredients: -

4 Cups oat bran
1/2 Cup soy flour
1/2 Cup gluten flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 Cup butter at room temperature
1 Cup water

Method: -

Add the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix well. Add the butter and rub between your fingers until it is well mixed and the mixture looks like fine bread crumbs. Add the water slowly until the mixture comes together. Roll out and cut into shapes. Line a baking tray with baking parchment and place oatcakes on the tray. Bake at 180'C until golden for around 25 minutes.

Notes: -

Here is a link to the original recipe - Scottish Oat Cakes.
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