Travelling Vegetarian - Glasgow, Scotland

Guide to Vegetarian Scotland

One of the challenges that vegetarians usually face is eating out.
Both Karen and I bleat on endlessly about this.

Paging through a recent issue of Vegetarian Living, there was a special offer on a book called Vegetarian Scotland.

Of course, we bought a copy and were amazed to find out how many vegetarian and vegan establishments there are, if you look
hard enough.

The book proved most useful. You can buy it on-line from Vegetarian Guides, along with a whole range of similar titles such as Vegetarian London and Vegetarian Europe.

We spent a weekend down in Glasgow when Karen ran the Great Scottish Half Marathon, and managed to try out four of the suggested places: Saramango, The 13th Note, Mono, and Stereo.

Mezze Platter at Saramango

The first evening we went to Saramango, at the Centre for Contempory Arts (CCA). As the name suggests this is a very student oriented place and was full of, lets say interesting people.

The restaurant was actually vegan, and very reasonably priced.

Read about it at Saramago

The menu was Tapas style and we both had the Mezze Platter at GBP 5.95 each. Really tasty and filling too.
We had pitta bread with a selection of olives, dolmades, houmus and tzatziki.

Turkish and Lebanese style food is predominantly vegetarian so is great for us. Have a look at this selection of mezze platter ideas from the BBC Food website.

The next evening we had a drink at The 13th Note. This is a cafe and music venue, and serves vegan lagers and vegetarian/vegan food. Find a link here - The 13th Note

Next week - Mono Cafe Bar. The following week - Stereo Cafe Bar

Bon apetit. You can find a collection of low carb, low sugar, vegetarian recipes - here.

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