Cooked Carrot Salad

Cooked Carrot Salad

At last I am getting back into cooking!

In a previous post, Same Day Pickles  Karen mentioned the restaurant La Petite Tarte run by Johan and Len, and their recipe book, Once upon a Chicken Pie.

I too love the book and the recipes, and simply had to try them out.
I started off with the Cooked Carrot Salad and the Champignons a la Grecque, mainly because we happened to have all the ingredients on hand.

Whenever I try out a recipe for the first time, I like to follow it exactly. One can always play around with it the next time.

To try their wonderful recipes, get their book through Amazon:

Their serving suggestion - serve with a flatbread, or crisp lettuce leaves.

The recipe in Once upon a ChickenPie
Having said I follow recipes precisely, I didn't actually add the chilli paste, as I found it tasty enough without. But then I don't go for too hot or spicy food.
Your choice.

However, it was delicious!

The pictures show my attempt, and Johan and Len's version in the book.

Theirs looks so much nicer than ours!

This brings me to the matter of food photography. I have never been entirely happy with Karen's and my photos of our creations. They never seem to look as wonderful as we see in the books.
I very recently bought a book on food photography, and was horrified at the amount of trickery that goes on to make the food look appetizing.

We had lunch today at La petite Tarte (another delicious meal) and I mentioned this to Johan. He said all their creations were photographed in their kitchen with natural light, no props or tricks, and by a very good photographer.
So it goes to show it can be done.

Karen and I have signed up for a photography course now. Hopefully our food efforts will start to look even better!

Thanks to Johan and Len for a wonderful book and interesting recipes.

Have a look at our Recipe Archive  for more veggie ideas.

In the meantime - Bon Apetit!

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