Dried fruit kebabs

Selection of vegan food at the Potluck Picnic

Recently Karen and I were invited to a vegan potluck picnic.
We are not yet vegan, but are fast heading that way.
Not being that confident with vegan cooking we needed to come up with something simple to prepare.
Not sure what prompted it, but dried fruit kebabs seemed like a good idea.
(We were astounded at the variety of vegan food that other people brought along)

Our dried fruit kebabs

We used:

1/2 a packet pitted prunes
1/2 a packet dried apricots
1/2 a packet dried apple rings
1/2 a packet dried pears

Cut the prunes, apricots and apple rings in half.
Cut the pears into maybe four or six pieces.

Soak the fruit for a few hours in a little water, in the refrigerator, to soften slightly.

Thread a mixture of the fruit pieces onto wooden skewers. (I doubled over the apple ring halves to make them firmer on the skewers)

Makes about 18 kebabs.

I hunted down some other fruit kebab recipes - they occasionally put their kebabs under a grill for a few minutes, but we chose not to do this.

Whatever, our version turned out absolutely delicious - and well received by the die hard vegans at the picnic.

These kebabs would make a good addition to the kiddies lunch box - filling and healthy!

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