Amazing garlic grater

Garlic and Ginger grater set

As any regular reader will know we are packing up and moving, so there is not a lot of creative cooking going on.

I thought then that I would tell you about this wonderful spice or garlic grater.

We were given one as a gift by a friend a few months ago. When we asked him what it was, he didn't actually know!

So it sat in the kitchen drawer for a while.

Then, at the City Bowl Food Market, which I mentioned in this post, we saw them on sale. Naturally we asked what it was and how to use it.
Well, as the title of this post gives away, it is a garlic grater.

The outer skin just rolls off!
We tested it out when we arrived home - and it worked absolutely amazingly well.
It completely puts all these other fancy and expensive stainless steel devices to shame.

It has three parts - a rubber tube, a small flat dish with sharp teeth in a spiral shape and a little nylon bristle brush.

To use on garlic - cut off a tiny piece of the stalk end. Put the clove in the tube and roll on a board with your hand. The outer skin seems to magically come away.

Grate, and brush off
Take the clove between your fingers and grate in a circular motion over the teeth.

Use the little brush to push the crushed garlic into whatever you are cooking.

One point - it does not work well on tiny cloves as you can't hold them to grate.

And it works fantastically well with ginger - take your 3 cm piece of ginger and cut off the skin.

Again grate in a circular motion over the teeth,
and you are left with the fleshy part on the dish, and the stringy bits between your fingers, so you can easily discard it.

Use the brush in the same way to put the ginger into your cooking.

Stall at the City Bowl Market in Cape Town
I went mad and bought a whole lot of them as presents for friends.

Everyone has come back and said how wonderful this little gem is!

And, as you can see from the picture of the stall at the market, it can be used on chocolate, parmesan, nuts and as a lemon or orange zester!

Now - where can you one? Well if you live in Cape Town, at the City Bowl Food Market - Cape Town.

Otherwise, they are apparently made in China (how surprising?) and are probably obtainable at your local China City.

Sorry to be a bit vague on this, but if I find out more I will keep you posted.

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