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We are still between houses, travelling up North, and I am going offshore in the pursuit of my proper job. While there is not a lot of cooking going on, I thought I would step back and see where this blog is going.

When I started the blog, my wife Karen was the full on vegetarian, though not vegan, and I was largely vegetarian.
We were also interested in healthy eating and have frequently talked about going low carb, and using natural sweeteners.
I now never eat meat, (though occasionally fish), we never use sugar or butter in our cooking, and generally try to be low carb.
We have been trying to move towards being vegan, as well as becoming very interested in the Raw Food idea, and these concepts have been referred to a few times recently.

Amsterdam - Vegetarian Restaurant
Two things have happened while we have been here in UK/Europe.
While we were in Holland, the B and B we booked into just happened to be on a family run dairy farm. The family were proud of their farm and happy to show us around. As dairy farms go, I think these animals were well enough treated in the normal daily routines. They were probably quite happy inside their barn, seeing it was snowing outside. They were free to stroll about the barn and were not confined to individual pens.

But having said that, one cannot get away from the fact that the animals are just a commodity in the milk production chain, and the whole process depends on human intervention in nature in order to produce the vast amounts of milk needed.
Amsterdam - Vegan and Raw Food outlet

If you want to read all the gory details, go to the Vegan Society website.

The other thing - struggling to find veg or vegan restaurants, someone told us about the Happy Cow website.

This is a healthy eating guide which lists veg and vegan restaurants in cities all over the world, together with peoples reviews on them.

There were loads of restaurants in Amsterdam, and we tasted wonderful vegetarian, vegan and raw foods, and were astounded at the range of products available.

So to come to my point - we have upped our endeavours to become vegan, and so will aim to do more vegan recipes, as well as more raw food dishes.
Our first purchase in our new home and kitchen will definitely be a dehydrater.

In the next few posts I will tell you about the three eateries (listed in Happy Cow) that we tried while in Amsterdam - De Bolhoed, De Vliegende Schotel and the Superfood Centre.

Bon apetit and good health!

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