Vegetarian and vegan at sea!

Courgette Latkes

As you will have noted, I am not exactly doing a lot of cooking lately.

I think I have a valid excuse at the moment - I am working offshore, doing what one has to do to earn a living.

And this adds a whole new dimension to trying to be vegetarian, let alone vegan.

From a healthy eating point of view, things have certainly improved a lot at sea over the last few years.

Surprise Treat - Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk
Fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available, as are low fat and skimmed milks, and the chefs don`t use quite as much fat and oil.

But every meal is still a meat fest!

A long long way to go to get them thinking vegetarian, let alone vegan.

I did have one pleasant surprise - there is actually SOY MILK available on this boat, and not only that it is UNSWEETENED and ORGANIC for good measure!

Smoked Bean Curd Bakes
So I am probably doing better on the dairy free than on the vegetarian or vegan front. I have always like soy milk in coffee, and now getting used to it in tea.

I am managing to avoid cheese altogether, so apart from the dairy which I am sure is used somewhere in the cooking, I am not doing too badly.

Struggling a bit to get the protein, but there is a good supply of assorted nuts available which I snack on continuously.

How I miss our home made veggie delights like Smoked Bean Curd Bakes or Courgette Latkes. !

Bon apetit.

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