Vegetarian in Amsterdam 1 - Bolhoed

Amsterdam - Bolhoed vegetarian restaurant

A week or so ago we were in Amsterdam. As mentioned in my last post , we had been put onto the Happy Cow  vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide.
The first one we tried was Bolhoed.

It was freezing cold, and only still mid afternoon so we decided just to pop in for a thaw out and a snack.
Bolhoed (or Bowler Hat) is in the Jordaan area, in Prinsengracht - quite easy to find.

I say this because veggie and vegan places
tend to be a bit off the beaten track and up side alleyways.

Cereal Coffee and vegan oat cookies
So we had cereal coffee with soy milk, and vegan oat cookies.

Both were absolutely delicious.

They also had a selection of rather tasty looking desserts, particularly a raw vegan chocolate tart, which we shall have to go back and sample next time we are in Amsterdam

As you can see from the table in the photo, the furniture and decor is pretty scruffy and dated, but the food is excellent.

They don't seem to have a website so I cant point you to a menu, but they have received some very good reviews on Happy Cow, so its definitely worth a visit.

We are really keen to try and make some of these wonderful raw food meals we have recently discovered. They are just so tasty, healthy and filling.
But this will have to wait till I am back home and we are settled in our new home and kitchen. Cant wait!

Next time - the Vliegende Schotel (Flying Saucer)

Bon apetit. Happy cooking and happy travelling.

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