Raw Food Seminar

Green juice
So - the Raw Food Seminar presented by Peter Daniels of Rawlicious here in South Africa.
A fascinating day - loads of information on nutrition, healthy eating and raw food concepts, along with a couple of demonstrations on juicing and smoothies, as well as lots of really tasty food to sample.

Its opened up a whole new way for us of looking at healthy eating, and the stuff we are being sold as food in the shops.

Raw chocolate biscuits
The basic concept is around the fact that as soon as food is cooked, or heated above about 47 deg C, any nutritional benefits are starting to be destroyed, and once the food reaches over 100 deg C, pretty well all the benefits are lost.

The other main concept is that we have to get away from any forms of refined foods and go with organic, natural and nutrient dense ingredients.

Peter covered all this and more in the seminar.

One of the best ways of getting all this goodness into us is by juicing, particularly greens. We started the day off with a delicious green juice.

Main course - raw foods
During the morning we also sampled a warm chocolate drink as well as some chocolate biscuits. Raw cacao is considered one of the superfoods, so both of these were not only tasty, but healthy as well.

Lunch comprised a Thai red curry, cauliflower and nut rice, a green salad and a kelp noodles and green veg salad, with a classic cheezecake for dessert.

All raw of course.

Raw cheezecake

This meal again was tasty, healthy and also filling.

But what was more interesting, was that no-one there felt tired after lunch! Unlike the usual
situation at a seminar where everybody nods off after the meal.

These recipes, along with loads of information about raw food and its benefits can be found in Peter Daniel's Rawlicious book or the easy living food recipe book by Natalie Reid and Noel Marten.

Both well worth having a look at. They are available - Rawlicious
and easy living food
Happy eating!

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