Veggie and vegan day in London

Raw Food - Avo salad sandwich

Had a day in London on my way back to SA.
Where does an aspiring vegan go for sustenance in London? Happy Cow to the rescue again.

I am amazed at the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants around.

Happy Cow showed up 4 in centre of London, all not too far from Leicester Square Tube Station.

I had lunch at 42 Raw, in the Burlington Arcade area, and actually inside the Royal Academy of Arts building.

42 Raw - inside the Royal Academy of Arts - London
The building is a beautiful old building with columns and 'you name it'.
They have a wonderful selection of vegan and raw food items.
I had the avocado salad sandwich, and a juice - Paris (all the juices are named after cities). Apple, cucumber, ginger and strawberry! Absolutely divine, and so filling.
 Not exactly cheap at £8 for the sandwich and £4 for the juice, but it is right in the centre of London, so what can you expect.
Would have loved to have tried one of the raw food cakes or pastries, but far too full!

Tao - vegetarian buffet restaurant
So I just had a look at Jai and Tao.

These 2 places offer a vegetarian buffet for about £ 3.50, both of which looked most appetising.

Neither seem to have their own websites, but have reviews on Happy Cow.

On to Vitao. They also have a very tasty looking buffet, as well as a great selection of healthy drinks, coffees, teas, smothies and raw desserts.

I just had to try the mango cheeescake! It was great. Served with fresh berries on the side.
Vitao - vegan restaurant in London
Unfortunately the lady would not let me use my camera inside, so all I can show you is the outside.

Just have to try it out for yourself.

Soon be back in Cape Town and keen to get going on our own raw food preparation!

Bon apetit!

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