Breads and Cracker Biscuits

Onion bread

A little bit late this week with my post!

Good excuse this time - We have been having a wonderful time in our new kitchen, trying out our new gadgets and even entertaining.

One of our views on healthy eating has always been to avoid refined carbohydrates.

The dehydrator is perfect for making healthy raw breads and cracker biscuits.

Cracker biscuits
Our first attempt was not great. We did not spread our mixtures to the right thickness, and probably did not dehydrate for long enough.

Our second go was much more successful.

To maximize the use of all 9 shelves in the dehydrator, we made two types of cracker biscuits, an onion bread, chocolate brownies and cheeze drops.

We tested these on our guests last night!

Despite our friends thinking we are a bit mad, going heavily into vegan and raw food, they all went down a treat.

9 shelf dehydrator
Cracker biscuits with dips and the cheeze drops were pre-dinner snacks, the onion bread was served with the soup and the chocolate brownies
accompanied the after dinner coffee.

All these recipes came from the Rawlicious recipe book or from 'easy living food'.

Next week - the recipes for  last night's dinner menu which was butternut, carrot and ginger soup, raw pizza and classic cheezecake.

In the meantime - bon apetit.

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