Raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce

Raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce

The dessert for our second raw dinner party was raw vegan ice-creem and chocolate sauce. Served up with a small slice of classic cheezecake from the first evening.

When we attended the Raw Food Seminar (see this post), we received a set of DVDs in which Peter and Beryn demonstrate many of their recipes. When I watched the one showing this ice-creem, I was amazed. It was so simple, so wonderfully tasty and looked oh so like ice-cream.

The ice-creem


Frozen bananas (one per person)
Handful of Brazil nuts (or whatever nuts you fancy or happen to have in the cupboard).

You do need a good juicer, fitted with the processing adaptor.


Break or cut  the bananas into about 4 pieces each, to fit into the juicer.
Pop a piece of banana followed by a nut or 2 into the juicer. Continue feeding alternating banana and nuts into the machine, and this amazing ice-comes out the other end.

You can vary this recipe by adding in cacao nibs to make choc chip ice-cream, or whatever you fancy.

The chocolate sauce


1/3 C melted coconut oil
1/4 C agave syrup
1/4 cacao powder


Whizz together on low speed and pour over ice cream.

The ice-creem is so quick to make (as long as you have the bananas already frozen in the deep freeze).
I had great fun making the ice-creem right there and then in front of our guests.

The chocolate sauce, I made a bit earlier. Pour it into a small jug in warm water to keep warm and runny.

A really great dessert to impress your guests!

Bon apetit.

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