Red pepper and tomato soup

Raw red pepper and tomato soup

Thrilled with our first successful raw dinner party, we held another the next evening.
Red pepper and tomato soup, with the rest of the onion bread for starters.
Main course was sushi and veggie wraps with 2 salads - a red salad and a green papaya salad.
Dessert was raw vegan banana nut ice-creem with hot chocolate sauce.

I cannot tell a lie - the main course was mostly prepared by a friend of ours who is chef by profession. I learned a huge amount about presentation.

Raw sushi, veggie wraps and salads

The soup recipe-

Red pepper & Tomato Soup

5 tomatoes
2 red peppers
1/4 red onion
1 handful fresh basil leaves
1 handful cashew nuts
2 T olive oil
Himalayn rock salt to taste
1 small handful goji berries
1/2 C warm water
cayenne pepper (optional)

Blend all ingredients together.
Add more water if necessary to achieve desired thickness.
Pour into bowls and serve.

Again it went down pretty well with our friends, though I personally preferred the raw butternut, carrot and ginger soup we served the previous evening. See this post.

More raw recipes and ideas in the next few weeks.

Bon apetit

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