Chocolate Brownies - Raw, vegan and healthy as well

Chocolate Brownies

I am back offshore again, but Karen is still, home trying out more dehydrator recipes.

Over the last few years, having realized how bad refined sugar is, I have managed to lose my taste for sweet things.

However, I have now found all these delicious and healthy raw food sweet things.
This is one of  my favourites - chocolate brownies:


2 C Brazil nuts
2 C cacao powder
1 C coconut flakes
1 C honey
3/4 C water
1 T vanilla powder
1/4 t salt


Blend coconut to a fine powder. Set aside.
Blend nuts and water to a smooth paste.
Now combine all ingredients together in a bowl.
Mix well.
Spread onto solid dehydrator sheet.
Score into squares with a sharp knife and dehydrate for 6 - 18 hours depending how gooey you like your brownies.

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