Onion Bread - Raw, vegan and low carb

Karen`s Onion Bread

I have mentioned this onion bread a couple of times already in previous posts.

Were we served some at the Raw Food Seminar, and we have made it twice at home already.

But I never actually gave you the recipe - so here it is:

My attempt at onion bread


5 C red or white onion - thinly sliced and chopped
3 C activated buckwheat
3 C ground flaxseeds
2 C water
1 C tamari
1 C oilve oil

Note - I did not do the full activation process for the buckwheat - just soaked it for a few hours.


1 - Blend buckwheat, tamari and water into a paste for 30 seconds.
2 - Add to a bowl with all the other ingredients.
3 - Mix well.
4 - Spread the mixture onto solid dehydrating sheets. How many sheets you use will naturally depend on how thin you spread it. I aim for a thickness of about 3 mm.
5 - Dehydrate for 12 hours.
6 - Remove from dryer and cut into shapes.
7 - Dry for a further 6 hours or longer if you prefer them crisp.
8 - You can store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


1 - If you are still new to raw food concepts and haven`t yet splashed out on a dehydrater, you CAN still use your oven, at the lowest possible temperature, which is probably 70 degrees C. Technically this is too high to be called raw, but at least you can get an idea how it would come out.
Of course, as the temperature is higher, the time in the oven will need to be less.

The recipe for this bread comes from `easy living food`, by Natalie Reid and Noel Marten, which you can get from Rawlicious.

My other favourite recipe book at the moment is the Rawlicious one available from Amazon:

If you want to do the whole raw food thing, then you can get a dehydrator from Amazon as well:

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