Offshore and more raw vegan London

Trying to be healthy offshore

I have been offshore again recently, working, and we are now travelling in Holland, so I haven,t been in the kitchen much.

Karen was helping me with recipes for the blog, but now she is also with  me in Europe.

Being vegetarian and eating healthily when working offshore is difficult enough, let alone trying to be vegan or go raw!

However I managed to avoid cheese and eggs almost altogether, and took with me some soy milk, green powder and cereal coffee. There was a good supply of fruit on board, as well as peanut butter, so I had frequent snacks of fruit and peanut butter on cracker biscuits.

42 Degrees Raw in London

Earlier in the year I discovered the London eatery 42 Deg Raw.

Karen was not with me then, so this time I took her there for lunch, while en route to Holland.

I had the cauliflower curry rice.

It was made with cauliflower, spices, nuts, seeds and raisins, and served on a bed of greens.

Really delicious.

Our meal at 42 Deg Raw
Karen had the courgette pasta in a basil pesto.
She was a little disappointed in this, as it was a touch on the watery and bland side.

I had a chocolate smoothie, and Karen a green one, to go with our meal.

The were great though.

It is most encouraging to find more restaurants going the healthy, vegan or raw route.

Raw cheezecake at 42 Raw
Later in the day we chanced on a pub in Soho called the Coach and Horses, which had a new summer menu that was completely vegetarian, with some vegan or raw dishes on offer.

We shall try it out next time we are in London.

Wherever you are travelling, have a look at Happy Cow to find vegan or vegetarian restaurants and shops.

Bon apetit.

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