Savoury dehydrating ideas - tomatoes, mushrooms and onions

Cherry tomatoes dehydrated

Last week I showed you the dehydrated fruit snack ideas.

Here are some savoury snack ideas you can do in the dehydrator:
Cherry tomatoes, onions and button mushrooms.

Onion rings dehydrated

Make up a basic batch of marinade using about 2/3 apple cider vinegar and 1/3 olive oil.

Soak the cherry tomatoes in some of this marinade, with a bit of Himalayan rock salt, for a few hours.

Button mushrooms dehydrated
For the mushrooms, add some tamari, and soak for a while.

For the onion rings, add some honey to the basic marinade before soaking.

Then dehaydrate overnight for about 8 hours.

You can decide just how dried you want them, and leave them longer if necessary.

Bon apetit.

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