Eating aboard - Cajun tofu steaks

Getting ready to cook Cajun Spiced Tofu Steaks

One thing we have not found often in the Netherlands is tofu.

Not surprising I suppose, seeing the number of cattle farms around!

But amazingly we found plain tofu in a supermarket in Sneek in Friesland.

Of course we bought some.

We made Cajun Spiced Tofu steaks.

We don't have all our recipes with us, but fortunately we had internet one evening, so I Googled a Cajun Spice recipe -

It consists of the following ground in a spice grinder or pestle and mortar -

Cayenne pepper
Rock salt
Ground black pepper

I 'm afraid I couldn't resist adding ground coriander, and ground cumin seeds.

Here's how we made the Cajun Tofu Steaks:

Cut the tofu block into about 8 steaks.
Dredge them in the spice mixture and let stand for a while.
Lightly fry the steaks in oil.

We now use coconut oil on the rare occasion we fry something. Coconut oil has become our new best thing!

Serve up with whatever takes your fancy.

Bon apetit.

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