Eating aboard - Salads

Karen's raw veg salad

When eating out, vegetarians or vegans are very often offered a boring old salad as their only option.

But salads don't have to be boring, They can be fun, colourful, tasty and healthy as well.

Karen loves making salads and comes up with the most amazing ones.

Here are 2 salads she knocked up while we were aboard the boat:

Raw veggie salad:

Red cabbage shredded
Green cabbage shredded
Carrots grated
Onions thinly sliced
Cauliflower florets broken into small pieces
Oranges sliced
Hemp seeds
Brazil nuts
Tomatoes sliced and halved
Basil leaves for garnish

Naartjie and nut

Naartjie and nut salad:

Rocket leaves
Red onion rings - thinly sliced and marinated in vinegar or lemon juice for an hour or so
Naartjie segments
Pistachio nuts


I will leave the quantities to you - depends how much you want to make.
The concept of marinating the onion rings in vinegar or lemon juice is to reduce the sharpness of the taste of raw onions.
The nuts and hemp seeds are to provide some protein in the meal.

So, get creative!

I would love to hear from you if you have a great salad idea.

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