Vegan 'fry-up'

Vegan 'fry up'

People often ask why vegans or vegetarians try to make carnivore look alike meals.

I am not really sure why we do this, but at the moment we have Karen's parents staying with us, and they are not even vegetarian, let alone vegan.

I think we do this to make them feel at home, and that our food is not too strange.

The other morning we did a breakfast along the lines of an 'eggs benedict' dish.

We fried up onions and mushrooms in a pan, and then added a little dried soy mince, tomato paste and a dash of tamari.

Some organic fresh spinach was lightly steamed/wilted.

Using a block of plain tofu, we made scrambled tofu - see scrambled tofu recipe

All served up on toast with some organic cherry tomatoes.

Not exactly a fry up in the true sense, but a colourful, tasty and healthy start to the day.

(Oh - the toast in the picture is rye bread. Not vegan. The folks didn't enjoy our vegan bread, which I have to admit takes a bit of getting used to!)

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