Vegan in Brighton

V-Bites vegan breakfast

Travelling again so not much time in the kitchen lately.

But travelling does give us the chance to try out vegan eateries.

We took a weekend break in Brighton on the South Coast and before going, checked out Happy Cow

V-Bites in Brighton

There are a surprisingly large number of vegetarian restaurants there, but only 4 vegan ones.

So we had a vegan fry up breakfast at V-Bites, a vegan restaurant started by Heather Mills.

Very tasty it was, complete with very 'real looking' bacon rashers.

Loving Hut - Vegan eatery in Brighton
Lunch was a curry and a stir-fry at 'The Loving Hut'.

Again very good.

I am not sure what we expected here, but not this. It turned out to be a predominantly take away place, run by 2 Buddhists!

There were one or two small tables, where we chose to eat our meals.

Hisbe in Brighton

There was also a TV screen playing a DVD - 'Forks over Knives' which is based on the China Study.

Both are a must to see for passionate vegans.

We also found another very interesting shop - Hisbe - which stands for How It Should Be - and puts health and happiness before profit! Rather unheard of these days.

Unfortunately they are not even vegetarian, let alone vegan, but they aim to provide healthy and organic produce at reasonable prices.

Next week - Vegan eateries in York.

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