Vegan in York

El Piano - vegan eatery in York

According to Happy Cow, there are quite a few vegetarian places, but only one vegan establishment - El Piano.

Very Spanish sounding, not surprisingly, as the other two branches are in Granada and Malaga in Spain.

A main course cost £ 9.95 and was made up of your choice of one hot dish, one choice of fritters and one cold salad.

El Piano recipe book
I had the Quiche (soy free quiche with veggies in a white bean crust), Tinas (Bolivian carrot and spring onion patties) and Tabuleh Lorca (tabuleh
with oranges, dates and spices).

Karen had the sweet and sour tofu (oven roasted tofu with veg and sweet & sour sauce), Pestolitos (spinach, basil, tomato and onion fritters) and the
Mexislaw (red cabbage, chillies, limes and coriander).

All were delicious. Very filling too - we would have loved to have tried a dessert, but it would have been too much.

We noticed they had a recipe book for sale - El Toque -  The Final Touch.
After paging through their sample copy, we just had to buy a copy - £ 10.00.

So you can expect some of these recipes coming up soon!

Check out their website at El Piano

We also had a very good vegan meal at The Goji Cafe. They do vegetarian and vegan food.
We shared a Brawn Cocktail, which is a vegan take on a Prawn cocktail, and both had the mushroom burger as a main. Again - delicious.
This is a small eatery, and it's advisable to book.

Next week we should be back on the boat and have a kitchen, so will be cooking again.

In the meantime, bon apetit.

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