Easy Vegetarian

Easy Vegetarian

Veggie sausages and vegetarian bacon

Still on the move. I passed briefly through London on my way back from working offshore, visiting my aged aunt.

I had to take her shopping, and also put together a quick lunch.

At  the supermarket I was reminded of the large amount of vegetarian brands and products that are available these days.

Very encouraging.

One of my favourites is the Linda McCartney range, and the Quorn range is good too.

I grabbed a packet of Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages and a pack of Quorn bacon, along with some fresh green, tomatoes ripe avocados and ready-made coleslaw. (My aunt loves this)

The sausages grill in about 10 minutes, and the bacon about a minute each side under the grill.

The bacon is surprisingly 'bacony'!

Even the aged aunt who doesn't really understand this vegetarian stuff loved it.

Bon apetit.

(This meal is not vegan though.)

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