Vegan wines and vegan sweeteners

Vegan wines and vegan sweeteners

Vegan wines from Painted Wolf Wines Company

I am delighted when someone actually makes a comment on this blog, even if it is to point out an error!

At least it shows that somebody is reading it, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Someone noted that one of my vegan recipes had honey listed in the ingredients!


Our raw gurus in Cape Town, Peter and Beryn of Rawlicious, have fantastic raw recipes, but they don't claim to be vegan and often use honey. I love their recipes, but have to adapt a bit to make them vegan, and usually use agave nectar instead.

There are other alternatives - xylitol nectar and stevia. Xylitol does much the same job as agave, but I have found it more expensive. Stevia works from a sweetener point of view, but you have to use much less of it, so can compromise the volume of the recipe.
Also, I think agave nectar is sweeter than honey, so you can use a little less, but then you must check the total volume of whatever you are making.

Anyway - on to vegan wines.

Vegan wine from Raka

I am still away from the kitchen and still reading other peoples ideas.
One of my favourite blogs is the Vegan SA blog -   .

Among their most recent posts, they have mentioned 2 vegan wine makers - The Painted Wolf Wines Company, and Raka.

It is wonderful to find more and more vegan and organic wines being produced!

I am really looking forward to finding and trying these when I finally get back home.

Thanks to vegan SA for the info and photos.

In the meantime - Cheers!

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