Vegan and organic in Rotterdam

Vegan and Organic restaurant in Rotterdam

Sweet potato and ginger soup - Gare du Nord - Rotterdam

One of the unfortunate things about boating is not having regular internet access.

Which is the reason this post is late.

On the other hand, the thing about travelling is finding new and exciting vegan restaurants.

We were in Rotterdam a while ago and using our favourite site - Happy Cow, we found this amazing vegan and organic restaurant - Gare du Nord.

Gare du Nord - Rotterdam
It was located on the edge of the city, about 45 minutes walk from where our boat was moored.

But the walk was worth it.

The restaurant turned out to be a restored railway carriage, situated on a vacant piece of land in a slightly industrial area.

But they were utilizing the land to grow their own organic produce. Brilliant.

And the owner taught and trained youngsters in
the art of cooking vegetables.

Main course - Gare du Nord vegan restaurant
The meal was a set menu.

Starter was a sweet potato and ginger soup.

Main course comprised 'no-meat' balls on a bed of tomato puree, a selection of wilted greens on bulgar wheat and a vegetable stack of tomato, onion and aubergine with a green pea sauce.

Dessert was a citrus and blueberry tart.

All absolutely delicious, accompanied by some organic red wine.

The price was also reasonable - Euro 19.50 per head for the set menu - compared to most other restaurants in Rotterdam where set menu's were about 22 to 25 Euro per head.

So - more things for me to try out when I am back in the kitchen.

Bon apetit.

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