Raw pasta and spiralizers

Spiralized salads and pasta

As any regular reader will know, we are a bit into raw.

A while ago I did a post on the ''Raw Kitchen'' in which there is a spiralizer.
(see this post)

A wonderful device, but a bit of a mission to get out and set up.

Mini Spiralizer
Recently we were at a raw vegan restaurant in Cape Town - Raw and Roxy (see this post) and the lady was using this amazing mini spiralizer!

No setting up - just pick up and use.

So no actual recipe today, but just showing the mini spiralizer used for making salads and a raw courgette pasta.

Spiralizing courgettes

For the pasta, we spiralized a large courgette.

Blanched this in boiling water for about five minutes and drained/squeezed out very well.

Blanche for about 5 mins

Stirred in a bought vegan pate and some vegan peperoni slices - and thats it!

So quick and easy.

And the salad was spiralized carrot, spiralized mooli (radish) and whatever you like. (in this case its lettuce and celery and onion)

Other ingredients stirred in

This mini spiralizer is our new ''best gadget''.

We bought 2 on line (from Yuppie Chef) - one for home and one for our boat.

Happy spiralizing.

Spiralizing carrot

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