Vegan in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Vegan in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Vegan main course at De Klinker

Still on our boating travels in Netherlands, we were recently in Nijmegen.

This is a relatively small town near Arnhem which suffered heavily in the second world war.

Soup starter at De Klinker

Not really expecting much in the way of healthy food, I checked out Happy Cow.

There was only one vegan place mentioned - De Klinker.


What a pleasant surprise!

The building was an old squat that had been cleaned up. Now operated by volunteers, it serves up vegan meals at ridiculously low prices.

A set 3-course meal - for 6 Euro !

The menu that evening:

Starter - Red lentil and tomato soup with a swirl of soy cream.

Main - Fresh green salad with coconut shavings, spicy grain stuffed peppers, rice mound with a tomato sauce and fried brinjals.

Dessert - sago type square covered with crispy noodles and syrup.

All absolutely delicious.

And wine was only 1.50 Euro a glass.

As you can see from the photos, the tables and decor are basic to say the least.

But at that price - I certainly can't complain.

Bon apetit.

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