London Vegfest 2014

Raw lime mousse with berries

A very exciting time at the moment for me, and hopefully this blog.

Yesterday we attended the 2014 London Vegfest at Kensington.

This event is in it's second year.

Last year, the inaugural occasion, apparently about 9000 people attended over the 2 days.

This year it seemed just as crowded.

Stand at Vegfest 2014
It is so encouraging to see so many like minded people, and also to see the amount of plant-based foods being produced commercially.

There were some excellent informative talks, as well as food demonstrations.

Which brings me to the other exciting bit.

There was a raw food demo by Deborah Durrant, and next week we, (Karen and I) are
both doing her 5 day intensive hands-on raw food training course "Feast".

Raw gazpacho

This takes place in a cooking school in Gloucester.

Deborah has trained under the world famous Matthew Kenney who has restaurants and raw academies in America.

This should bring our raw food preparations skills up a notch or three.

Raw sweet treats at Vegfest 2014

And if this is not enough, I am also going to attend her 5 day "Taste" course, which is geared to raw food fine dining and menu planning.

So - look forward to some really exciting recipes coming up soon.

I will keep you posted on what we learn at the courses as well.

Vegfest London 2014

Back to Vegfest - there was an amazing demo by Tony Bishop-Weston on tips for making non-dairy cheeses!

When I get back to our SA kitchen I will definitely be trying some of these, and sharing the results with you.

Make amazing plant based cheezes

At her demo, Deborah whipped up a raw lemon mousse, a raw gazpacho soup and a raw beetroot ravioli salad.

In the meantime - keep at it in the kitchen!

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