More on Feast 2014 - Raw Food Course

More on Feast 2014 - Raw Food Course

Karen's Raw Foods Cheeze Platter

Wednesday, the middle day was probably the most exhausting.

It was the most intense day, but we had also been eating 100% raw for a couple of days now and were undergoing a mini detox - physically and emotionally.
Sounds odd - but true.

Each of us took our fermented cheezes and added our chosen flavourings.

Selection of raw and vegan cheezes

Some wonderful creations emerged.

I did the classic pear and walnut, while Karen made really good cheddar!

Using the cheezes and breads we had made, we did a bit of cheeze platter presentation skills.

Its always amazing the different take on things that other people have.

Karen is definitely the more creative one than me.

First attempts at fancy chopping

I have mentioned that Deborah was trained by Matthew Kenney whose background was originally French Cuisine.

French style of course includes loads of decoration and presentation, so chopping and knife skills need to be learned.

We did a bit of knife wielding and produced Baton, Julienne, Brunoise, Fine Brunoise, Supreme, Chiffonade, and con-casse forms of
carrots, and/or peppers and/or tomatoes or fruit or greens. Loads more practice needed here though.

Phad Thai - raw and vegan

The previous day Deborah had demonstrated a method called Sous Vide - which entails vacuum sealing ingredients, along with
appropriate herbs or spices, in a bag and immersing in warm water for a few hours.

This softens the food as well as allowing it
to absorb the flavours, without actually cooking.

Using mushroom prepared in this way,
Deborah demonstrated a raw Phad Thai, which we then all had for supper. Again really tasty.

Carrot and Butternut Gnocchi

From eastern we went a bit Italian and created both raw pasta and gnocchi. Who would have thought it possible?

 - Carrot and Butternut Gnocchi

And the last - next week....

Bon apetit.

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