Raw Food Course

Raw Food Course

Beetroot ravioli - raw and vegan

Last week was, I think, the first week that I haven't put out a post.

Hopefully I will be forgiven, as Karen and I were frantically busy doing Deborah Durrant's 5 day Raw Food course.

What a fantastic and fun week it was. We learnt such a lot, and met a whole lot of like-minded people.

The cooking school kitchen

As I mentioned in my previous post, Deborah Durrant trained under raw food fundi Matthew Kenney in America.

She now runs a number of raw food course here in the UK.

You can read more about them on her website -


Granola - just out the dehydrator

I can highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in raw cuisine.

We have been to quite a few talks, course or demos, but none have been 'hands-on'.

Deborah's courses are truly ''hands-on'' and you really get to work with the equipment and the

The course was held in the Hartsbarn Cookery school in Gloucestershire.

Cranberry cookies

There were ten of us on the course, each with our own well equipped work station.

The school is used predominantly for conventional cooking, so does not have dehydrators.

Deborah supplies 5 or 6 which are set
up on the side

She also provides the amazing Blendtec Blenders.

Granola and coconut yoghurt parfait

We have already ordered our very own one on-line!

What did we actually learn and make?

Although we made quite a few things, the emphasis is on how to work with flavours, how to use the various basic ingredients,
how to make basic breads or nut milks or soups and then add our own particular ideas into the recipes.

We discovered a book called the Flavour Bible - another must have - It lists just about every ingredient you could think of, and gives a list of other ingredients that go well with it.

The first couple of days we made those things that needed dehydrating for any length of time - granola, breads, cookies and pizza bases.

Also fermented nut cheezes and yoghurts.

I got a bit stuck on cranberries and, using Deborah's basic granola and cookie recipes, made cranberry granola and cranberry and orange cookies.

Both absolutely delicious I have to say.

With the granola and coconut yoghurt, we made the parfait.

And we made the raw vegan beetroot ravioli that Deborah demo-ed at the Vegfest.

More next week.....

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