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More from Taste

Nut cheeze

One of the hardest things about going vegan and raw is getting over cheese.

Using the basic nut cheese we had made the previous day, we all came up with our own flavour variations.

I made a peppercorn goats cheeze, using Deborah's recipe, and attempted to achieve a cheddar type of cheese.

Cheeze platter

My cheddar wasn't bad at all, but does need a bit more work.

We used our cheezes along with our cracker breads, chutneys and pickles to make up sharing cheeze platters, which can be used in pop-up dining as starters, or to end off with.

Lemon sponge, lemon mascarpone and strawberries

The best dishes in raw foods are always the sweet ones!

Who would have thought one could make raw sponge cake.

Using Deborah's recipes we produced a Lemon Sponge with Lemon Creme Mascarpone, strawberries and candied nuts.

Mouthwatering stuff.

Beetroot toast with horseradish cream

Other dishes we made on the course - starter of beetroot toast with horseradish cream.....

Red Pepper and Smoked Shitake tartlet

....and a main of Red pepper and Smoked Shitake tartlets with a seasonal greens salad.

For this the mushrooms were smoked using a new gadget called a cold smoking gun - naturally I had to buy one of these so will be trying it out soon.

Green Thai curry with broccoli rice

We ended the week by preparing and presenting a three course meal -

I took a Thai theme and made the Thai Coconut dumplings, Thai Green veg curry with broccoli rice and a dessert of layered mango and lime custards.

Mango and lime custard layers

Now to get back home in our new kitchen and start entertaining!

Bon Apetit!

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