Raw courgette pasta

Raw courgette pasta - with tomato sauce

At the moment I am killing time between the 2 raw food course, doing some maintenance on our boat in the Netherlands.

Compared to our kitchen at home, the equipment on the boat is pretty basic, but it's surprising what you can do with raw food with limited kit.

I have also been dying to use our mini spiralizer which I talked about in this post

I bought a courgette and some tomatoes at the local supermarket, and using up stuff we had on board, whipped up a courgette pasta with tomato sauce in about 20 minutes.

The only pre-prepared stuff you need is to have soaked some dates and some sun-dried tomatoes overnight.

So -


About 1/2 a courgette spiralized

For the sauce -

1 C fresh tomatoes
1/2 C sun-dried tomatoes (soaked overnight)
4 pitted dates (soaked overnight)
1 clove garlic
1 T olive oil
Rock salt to taste


To make the sauce -

Slice the tomatoes in half, and put them together with all the other ingredients into a high speed blender and blitz till smooth.

On board here I don't have a high speed blender, only a stick blender.
To help it along I chopped up the tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, dates and garlic first.

To assemble -

Put the spiralized courgette in a bowl together with the sauce (as much as you feel is right) and mix gently so the courgette strips are coated.
Place a heap in the middle of a plate.

If you wish you could simply pour the sauce over the courgette.

That's it - so easy to eat healthy and tasty.

Bon apetit.

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