Veggie rice paper wraps - vegan and raw

Veggie rice paper wraps - vegan and raw

Rice paper wrap ingredients

One of Karen's specialties is these rice paper wraps.

We have now served them up at dinner parties a few times, and they have always gone down well, particularly as a starter.

Soaking the wraps

The rice wraps should be available at most Chinese stores.

They need to be soaked in water to soften, but the trick is not to soak them too long so they break - usually just under a minute.

Ingredients on wrap

You can use anything you like for the filling, but here Karen used spinach, carrots, shredded cabbage, and peanuts for crunch.

Rolling the wrap

They do need a dipping sauce and again it's up to you what flavour you make. We usually make a mild chilli sauce.

Almost done

But a TIP - Make them just before serving or the wrap can go a bit rubbery.


Some completed wraps

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