Another Fermented Nut Cheeze

Another Fermented Nut Cheeze

Fermented nut 'cheddar' cheeze

As promised, here is Karen's 'cheddar' nut cheeze:

See my previous post for the basic recipe.

Remember the basic recipe makes 2 cheezes, so halve your basic mixture, and flavour with the following ingredients:

(Oh - I've introduced our measurement - the Knifepoint = the pointy end of a chopping knife heaped along about a cm of the blade, if that makes sense?)

Whole selection of ingredients

1 Knifepoint smoked paprika
1 Knifepoint turmeric
1 Knifepoint mustard powder
1 pinch smoked salt
2 heaped t miso paste
1 heaped T nutritional yeast

Mix all ingredients in very well.

You can taste and add more of anything if you wish.

Makes a great cheezeboard

Press the mixture into a 7 cm x 7 cm round mould.

Dehydrate for about 6 hours, so the rind starts to form on the top.

Ease the cheeze out the mould and put back in dehydrator till a rind forms on the outside.

Bon apetit.

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