Tasty leftovers

Paneer with carrots and corn

We simply hate wasting or throwing out food. Off on our travels again, and needed to use up a few things in the fridge: A block of paneer, some carrots and some corn. I remembered the Mutter Paneer recipe I did a while ago. This used green peas, but why not carrots and corn instead?
I had all the right spices. I simply substituted the peas with the available veggies I had. It worked out perfectly and tasted great.
You can read about Mutter Paneer in my post: Going a bit Indian
or find the recipe on our website Meat Free Everyday.
I am not normally in favour of changing recipes, but where it only means using different veggies, it can work very well.
Bon Apetit. For more low carb and meat free recipes go to the recipes home page - here.

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