Vegetarian in Amsterdam 2 - De Vliegende Schotel

Amsterdam - De Vliegende Schotel - Dutch stamppot

This is the second of the vegetarian restaurants we tried in Amsterdam.See my last post about Bolhoed.
De Vliegende Schotel is a bit more off the beaten track, (right up the end of Nieuwe Leliestraat), and not particularly inviting from the outside.

The reviews we read on Happy Cow were not all that encouraging either, so it was with some trepidation we went there.
We had been warned that service was slow and that it could be very full.

Deep fried seitan with tomato dip
So we got there early-ish, about 6 pm.

The decor and ambience is pretty dated and laid back, or I suppose just old.

But the service was pretty good.

Our order was taken swiftly. And considering the whole thing was run by one guy helped by one waitress, I think they did a good job.

But more to the point - the food was excellent.

Check out their website: Vliegende Schotel

Inside De Vliegende Schotel
For starters we had the deep fried seitan with a tomato dip.

This has changed my thoughts on seitan. Never really liked it before, but this way of serving it was pretty tasty.

For main course we had the Stamppot - a traditional Dutch potato and vegetable mash, served up with a selection of salads.

Again delicious, and really filling. So we couldn`t possibly manage a dessert.

(I think the menu changes frequently, as I don`t see this Stamppot on there at the moment)

And we had a lovely bottle of vegan wine. So also well worth a visit.

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